Wine Racks: Elegance vs Function

wine racksIf you love your wine, but haven’t started stocking up your own wine collection, you will see its appeal sooner or later. Throwing a party only to find out that you are freshed out of wine is a real party pooper. A true wine enthusiast knows the importance of well-crafted old-school wooden wine racks. These do not only keep your wine at the optimum, but also help in ageing it just right.

The best solution in storing your wine is to invest in a wine rack. Wine coolers are also a good alternative. However, wine refrigerators can only hold up a limited number of wine bottles. Plus, they consume a lot of space in your house. On the other hand, wine racks are loved for their functionality and elegance. That said, wine enthusiasts should find the right balance between elegance and functionality when choosing a wine rack. This way, they can organise and store the wine bottles while staying stylish.

Wine Racks: Elegance vs Function

Wine enthusiasts are confronted with a lot of factors to consider when choosing a wine rack. They should weigh up the style and design; the number of wine bottles to be kept; the materials of the wine rack; and the location of the wine rack.

Where to Install Your Wine Racks

Before you decide to buy a wine rack, you should have at least a place in mind where you will install your wine rack. One common mistake among wine enthusiasts is that they place their wine racks in their kitchen. This is a big no-no since the sunlight and the temperature adjustments affect the taste of your wine. It is advised to fix your wine racks in the coolest area of your home. Moreover, you should only store your wine in a wine rack if you think that it will be consumed within a couple of months. Even the coolest part of your home can reach high temperatures and high humidity levels.

Capacity Limit of Your Wine Racks

It is logical to buy wine racks that have room for your wine collection. For instance, if you own a couple bottle of wines and you think this number will double or triple in the future, a countertop wine rack might be what you’re looking for. But if you have, say fifty to a hundred bottles, a wine rack that can be mounted on your wall is right for you.

Materials of Your Wine Racks

Various types of materials are being used in building a wine rack. It can be made with stones, concrete, wrought iron, plastic and wood. Among them, wood is the most commonly used because of its qualities. For instance, wine racks made of wood are easy to form and assemble. Moreover, they are more lightweight, durable, and can complement any design or colour. That said, one major drawback of wooden wine racks is that it is not fireproof.

Design of Your Wine Racks

The last thing to consider when choosing a wine rack is its design. Never sacrifice the functionality of your wine rack for its design. Wine racks are meant as a storage space, and not as an adornment for your home.

There are different wine rack designs that you can choose from. A stackable wine rack is ideal for people with small wine collection, while a wall-mounted wine rack is best for those with a growing stockpile. Other designs, such as table top, floor wine and wine furniture, can also be considered. The style of your wine rack still depends on its purpose.