A Wine App For Ordering Your Favorite Wine

What is the most the Popular Wine App to Download?

How useful would a wine app be for someone who enjoys good tasting and quality wine? Obviously, the effectiveness of a wine app from your local retailer for ordering your favorite wine would depend on your personal preference. If you are retailer or wine connoisseur, check this site out if you want to create your very own wine app.

Judging how useful a wine app would be can be quite tricky. Some would try to use the wine app to record and keep notes of what they have tasted. Some apps will also give you an idea of the thoughts of other people on a particular wine. Here are some suggested apps that you may want to try out.


This particular app is available for both Android and iPhone platforms and comes with a free and premium version that is available for $4.99 every month. Some find it similar to the app Delectable, except that the individual pages present more information that can prove to be useful for anyone who wants to know more about wines.

The app can quickly identify labels with the developer coming out with frequent updates. The Wine Explorer feature gives you access to a wine database that covers 8 million labels. There are multiple filters that help you to streamline your searches and a direct link to retailers so that you can easily purchase the wine of your choice.

According to the developer, Vivino currently has 19.3 million users around the world with about 4 million users in the United States. The app also supports 11 languages. The Reviews feature is also useful since it comes mostly from wine drinkers, but this also means that a lot of personal preference influences it.

The app presents different categories like the “Best wines under $20” for example, which can be quite useful if you are looking for a good wine that is just right for your budget. App users can also scan restaurants to see their specific wine list complete with info and ratings. What’s the difference with the premium version? You will see the scores given by several wine critics. Is this worth paying $60 a year? It’s up to you to decide.

Wine Ring

This is a free app for both iPhone and Android. It works by building a preference profile of the used based on the wines that you take a picture of or have tasted. The user can rate the wines and based on these criteria, a profile can be built. This is made possible through a predictive algorithm. The more wines that you rate and taste, the more accurate the profile becomes.

One of the shortcomings of this app is that it has trouble identifying some types of wine, which means that it affects its accuracy. Some users also revealed that you would need to rate a good number of wines before the app can make a profile.

The good thing about it is that it can scan restaurants for a list of wines that can be served by the glass. The app in general needs a bit more of work, but it does show a lot of promise.


One of the more popular wine apps, it helps wine drinkers to keep up with what people around them are drinking. Delectable gives users the luxury of viewing reviews, ratings, and prices based pictures of wines that you have taken or uploaded.

You can comment and tag friends as well as see how many wines you have rated. Users have the option of manually submitting corrections for wines that have been wrongly identified. The corrections would normally be reflected in about an hour.

If you don’t give ratings, the app wouldn’t display any for that specific type of wine. For taste insights, you have the luxury of going back and editing your reviews any time.


This is another free app that can be downloaded and installed in any iPhone or Android smartphone. Many users like the way that it can work together with Delectable or simply on its own. This gives more flexibility for wine lovers.

The design is one of the attractions of the app and easily favored even by wine critics and makers as well. One of the well-liked features of this app is the ability to keep track of what knowledgeable wine lovers are drinking including the tasting notes that they put in for specific wines. This can help answer some of your curiosity for certain wine brands.

The sections for curated wine categories as well as the food matches are extremely helpful as it covers a wide variety of wine selections. This helps to lessen the hit and miss pairing that many wine drinkers go through.

The app can quickly identify not only the name of the wine, but also its region, grape variety, and even price. Through testing of some app users, Delectable correctly identified even some of the brand new and obscure brands.

For those in the United States, this app can be paired with Delectable to become a wine buying app using the online shopping option. Users may search apps by price, region, rating, or grape variety.

Vinus Wine Scanner

This is an Australian made app, which makes it quite reliable for identifying wines coming from the area. It allows users to take pictures, upload it, include reviews, give out ratings, and submit them. The wine can then be manually identified by a team from the developer.

There is also an option to like and comment on the wines that your friends have posted. There is also a statistics on the number of wines that you have personally rated. The rating system though relies only on a sad to happy face graphical representation instead of the usual number rating.

One drawback is that the app will not allow you to edit previous reviews after you have posted it. The only way to make corrections or updates would be to delete the wine posting and upload it once again. Under the news section, users can set the notifications so that they are informed when likes or comments have been made.

It is possible that you may miss some of the likes and comments if you already have numerous postings. This is because you may find it difficult to shift through all the posts of your friends.

Obviously, there are a lot more wine apps available for download out there. At least through these few samples, you will know that a wine app from your local retail for ordering your favorite wine can be extremely useful.