Sexy wine labels

Sexy Wine Labels

It is always what’s inside that matters. Having said that, the appeal of sexy wine labels does influence why people tend to buy a wine based on its look, and not on its taste. If a wine label looks phenomenal and sexy, one can’t help but think that it also tastes good. When you get right down to it, wine companies that made an effort on their sexy wine labels must have devoted more work on the wine itself.

In the wine industry, sexy wine labels are just as important as the wine. It all boils down to the marketability of the product and in making the impression to the right customer. For instance, the millennials are more inclined to buy brightly coloured wine labels. Well-thought-out names and the use of sans serif font on the label also add to the market appeal of the wine. Listed here are examples of sexy wine labels, most of which are delicately sipped by upmarket escorts. 

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Sexy Wine Labels

  • Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir

The Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir is a playful vino that harmonises the intense flavour and the rich, fruity redolence. It has traces of vanilla that dally in the mouth after one sip. Meanwhile, the image on the bottle is similar to a Belle Époque-era advertisement of a bicycle of the same name.

Originally, the poster was created in France in 1895. It shows a nude nymph drifting side by side with a winged bicycle. The image also represented women’s liberation, prompting them to travel easily and on their own.

  • Sogno Uno

Sogno Uno is a red wine conceptualised by the porn star, Savana Samson. The wine comes from the line of Sogno Uno, Due and Tre red wine. Because of her brilliant marketing gimmick, her initial 400 cases of Sogno Uno were sold out. That said, a wine guru thinks that Sogno Uno is more than its smart packaging. The vino fared 91 out of 100 on its overall taste.

As what is expected from a porn star, the wine label of Sogno Uno features Samson in a see-through frock. However, her pose is more playful than racy, and resembles the popular pin-up art of the 40s and 50s.

  • Marilyn Wines

The Marilyn wines are a brilliant idea of Bob and Donna Holder from Rutherford. Using Marilyn Monroe, the famed sex goddess, in their sexy wine label apparently worked. The Holders have been marketing the Marilyn wines for over two decades, and made quite a fortune out of it.

Marilyn Monroe’s name alone implies sexiness and sultriness. In the early 1950’s, the sex icon became a Playboy cover model. And after half a century, Monroe made her way as the main figure of sexy wine labels. The bottle of Marilyn wines features the unclad Monroe, whose sexy parts are covered with a shiny, garland-like peeling sticker. The wine label is the first “peel and peek” of its kind.

  • Sexy Wine Bomb

Sexy Wine Bomb is an exciting mix of Merlot, Zinfande, Syrah and Petite Sarah. A bottle of the wine offers a mouthful of fruity flavours with a hint of vanilla and butterscotch. Its wine label is eye catching enough to attract your attention and sway you to buy it.

The graphics on the label depicts a woman in a risqué position. She is holding a bottle of wine as if that there is an occasion to drink at. The gigantic bomb, which supports the woman’s weight, is lit and about to explode. Since women are almost synonymous to pleasure, maybe the winemaker is aiming for a discharge of extreme sensation while sipping the Sexy Wine Bomb.