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Injuries People Receive While Intoxicated

When you party and drink all night, chances are you will wake up all sore. Worst case scenario, you will be in total pain due to unknown bruises and injuries. Believe it or not, even the safest places can pose particular danger to people under the influence of alcohol.

Here are the most common injuries people receive while intoxicated.

Let’s start with slight injuries like slips and falls. These are pretty common in settings where alcohol is being served. Alcohol impairs your senses and your judgment. Therefore, the likelihood of falling also increases. A simple massage for these types of injuries solves it.

According to the analysis, head and face injuries are most common, especially for people in their late teens and old age. Interestingly enough, men are suggestively more likely to hurt themselves while drinking. At certain times in life, they have more than double the rate of injury compared to women, and according to surveys over 70 percent of overall injuries happened to men.

Club fights frequently happen. Customers who consume excessive amounts of alcohol often start fights. The extreme force they apply can result in unnecessary injuries. Speaking of which, domestic violence can also arise. Partners or family members are more likely assaulted by men while drunk or high on other drugs.

Moving up a notch higher, too much alcohol consumption can in the long run cause blood and organ injuries. Several ailments linked to alcohol abuse include liver cirrhosis, blood poisoning, blood capillary failure, and several types of cancer.

Lastly, the most common and serious type of injuries resulting from the over consumption of alcohol can be fatal. Drunk driving accidents are the consequence of intoxicated drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Their incapacity to see and/or correctly understand traffic signs causes many drunk driving accidents. Drowning is another outcome of alcohol consumption around pools and beaches. The effects of alcohol can cause a person to fall hitting his or her head on any perimeter surfaces. Their inability to see clearly, can cause them to fall hard. They usually fall on diving boards or any solid objects around the water.

When individuals drink too much on one instance it can cause alcohol-related accidents. Drinking too much on one occasion, causes too many complications and these problems are avoidable. These problems include injury, violence, burns and falls. Anti-social behaviour and problems can also occur with friends, family and third parties. So think before you drink.