Don’t Drink and Shop

Modern technology is a wonder to behold – we can order a pizza from an app while sitting in traffic, we can communicate with friends and family around the world in live time, and we have the totality of all the knowledge of the world at our fingertips merely by getting onto the internet. However, with all these new abilities it has also accentuated our ability to be dumb as well. We’ve all heard the old phrase to not drink and drive, but unfortunately modern technology has opened up an entirely new possibility for foolish behaviour and that is drink and shop.

We all know that we don’t do our best decision-making while we are inebriated, but unfortunately the ease with which we can get intoxicated is compounded only by the ease with which we can shop while we are drunk. With online shopping platforms like Amazon allowing one click buys, you can be cruising the internet at top speed and buying for yourself many things that you both do not need and are potentially a drain to your bank account. Google search experts for shopping make it so you can find exactly what you want quickly – the issue is when you have had one too many drinks, what you were looking for and what you decide to buy while intoxicated maybe two very different things. Perhaps after throwing back that last shot you decide you need a life sized bust of Winston Churchill made from marble to add in your living room of your flat in Queensland. It sure seemed like a good idea at 3 a.m. after all.

This drinking and shopping has been made even more possible by the help of digital home assistants like Alexa. Alexa or other digital home assistants can operate by voice command allowing you to buy all sorts of stuff simply just by speaking to your home assistant. Recently a child bought several hundred dollars’ worth of cookies and toys simply by talking to the home assistant. Now while that family was able to refund their purchase price due to the mistake in it taking orders from a child, you as a fully capable adult may have a more difficult time returning your wares you buy.

We have all said, thought, and potentially even done stuff that we regret in the morning if we remembered what it was. But shopping and drinking can be a toxic combination. You may even binge buy things and depending on how well you remember the night previously you may not even be aware of how much you have spent until the items arrive. This can potentially cause a major financial hit if you have bills coming out which are not able to be paid. If you try and buy food and your credit card is overdrawn or if you’re going to go get petrol and you find that your bank account is out of money, it can be embarrassing and potentially leave you stranded. Don’t be lured in with the ease of shopping while intoxicated. Always be sober when you shop; you and your bank account will thank you later.