About Us

At Grotto Custom Wine Cellars & Cabinets, we are passionate about the proper storage of wine. With over 10 years of experience in the wine industry and having traveled the world’s finest wine regions, we understand the importance of preserving your wine investment.

Wine is a living, breathing organism. It interacts with its environment and is vulnerable to conditions over which it has no control. Factors such as temperature, humidity, wood species and construction details are all taken into consideration to make sure your collection is preserved and protected for years to come. At Grotto’s state-of-the-art facility, we provide the following wine cellar products and services:

  • In-House 3D Wine Cellar Design Staff
  • Grotto Custom Cellar Racking and Cabinets
  • Grotto Modular Wine Rack Kits
  • Custom and Ready-To-Ship Grotto Wine Cellar Doors

With a Grotto Cellar, you have the opportunity to dream, plan and create the perfect climate-controlled wine cellar to display and protect your collection. Only the best can have the Grotto name on it.